A Unique party in Mayfair

A Chakra inspired 50th Birthday party for the Queen of Chakra at 44 Berkeley Square. The evening was based around the birthday girl’s mystical wonderland, we had a palm reader, a numerologist and a tarot card reader to get all guests into the spiritual mood of the party theme.


Chakra Elixir inspired cocktails were flowing all night, with the Spicy root chakra being the biggest hit of the evening. Guests enjoyed a beautifully vibrant three course dinner, with speeches to keep guests laughing all night. The surprise on the evening was a bespoke dance act choreographed to Ashram inspired music in a yoga retreat meets urban style, with dancers entering the room in hooded gowns and breaking into hip hop dance.


Guests partied with a live DJ, saxophonist and percussionist, keeping them entertained into the early hours of the evening!