School of Rock themed party at The Berkeley

The team were tasked with transforming a hotel ballroom into a ‘School of Rock’ themed extravaganza . Guests entered into a classroom with desks, personalised back packs on pegs, colourful school lockers and a sommelier station with a bespoke blackboard and a headmistresses desk.  A photo-booth recording studio was built with brick walls and band posters, sound proofing and a recording desk along with instruments for children to leave messages and play songs.

Later in the evening the ballroom doors opened and a backstage concert was revealed. Bespoke food stations in the style of wooden flight cases with pink neon signs lined the outside of the room, a bright personalised dancefloor matched a musical inspired stage and backdrop. ‘School of Rock’ style entertainment filled the night with dance performances from Cheerleaders, girls on roller-skates and break-dancers, a DJ live band and an electrifying performance from an LED water drummer and LED sax man.

“You must be exhausted… we are…. it was outstanding, incredible, unique. A completely different experience bringing adults and kids together. I’m lost for words. Well done well done.”